Relocating to Maine

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Yes. Life is good here.

Greater Portland’s safe environment, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant arts and food culture combine to create a treasured quality of life for residents and visitors alike. Portland consistently makes top-ten lists of best places to vacation, and is also appearing on “best of” lists for families, outdoor lifestyle, and business startups, even being named one of the “Happiest Places to Retire” (2019) by Kiplinger.

An old seaport city on a fresh new trajectory fueled by the creative economy, Greater Portland has been attracting young entrepreneurs who find the progressive region large enough to be interesting, yet small enough to develop a supportive community.

We are a region full of inspiration and stimulation, quiet concentration and busy productivity. Where start-ups become local institutions and part of the fabric of the community of our vibrant melting pot of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Here modern marvels and historic structures stand together. You’ll never be far from the innovative future or our storied past – self-guided tours are available to explore across the region. Discover some of the city’s oldest and most historic sites on the Portland Freedom Trail


Local realtors help those interested in moving to Maine find coastal or downtown real estate. Each year individuals and families relocate to Maine for the state’s good schools, welcoming communities, and recreational opportunities from the ocean to the mountains.