Relocating to Maine

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Thinking of Moving to Maine?


Welcome to Greater Portland, where the ideal blend of natural beauty and cultural vibrancy makes a coveted destination for residents and visitors. Find accolades ranging from top places to visit in the US to the ideal locale for families, outdoor adventurers, and business professionals, Greater Portland even stands out as one of the “Happiest Places to Retire” according to Kiplinger.


Here, amidst a tapestry of modern innovation and historical charm, startups seamlessly integrate into the local fabric, contributing to our dynamic melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. Whether you’re captivated by our storied past or excited for the innovative future, Greater Portland offers endless opportunities for personal development and growth.


frequently asked questions about moving to Maine

Why do people love living in Maine?

People move to Maine and live in Maine for several reasons. Maine is commonly referred to “Vacationland”. For the adventurer in everyone, Maine is the perfect year-round place to live. There is kayaking, swimming, hiking, in the warmer months, and skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and more in the colder months. Maine has vibrant art + culture year-round as well as being known for local craft beverages and a world-class foodie scene. People in Maine share a great sense of community with those around them and are ready to welcome others with open arms. Whether it’s helping a neighbor shovel their driveway, or getting together to watch the Maine sports teams, it’s easy to fit in and meet new people in this state.

How many people live in Portland? What’s living in the city like?

Portland is the largest city in Maine and is home to about 68,000 people. Many of these people choose to live and work in the city due to how convenient the lifestyle is. The city is close to the water and offers stunning ocean views year-round as well as fresh seafood with most restaurants offering daily catch specials. There are over 300 restaurants and bars to try in the city alone. Portland is also home to the famous arts district which is home to over 30 art galleries and also features the First Friday Art Walk throughout the city. The city is walkable and has many nearby parking garages, grocery stores, convenience stores, and anything else you may need while living in the city.

Is a car needed to live in Portland?

You do not need a car to live in Portland. The city is walkable, and it is very easy to get around town. There are also many different  transportation options including public buses and shuttles that can transport you around the region.

Is Portland downtown walkable?

Yes, Downtown Portland is a very walkable city. Most bars, restaurants, breweries, arts districts, and grocery stores are all within walking distance of each other. Portland is an older city and as such has many cobbled stone roads. We would recommend good walking shoes if you were planning on walking around the city, but it is very easy to get around in the warmer months.

How much does it snow in Maine?

Winter is when Maine shows its winter wonderland beauty. Many come into the state to get a jump start or skiing and snowboarding and Mainers wait all year to get into their Winter sports. The snow dustings don’t pick up heavily until December, which has an average of 14.5 inches of snow in the month. What follows is the snowiest month in Maine, January, which on average has about 18 inches of snow. The snow slows after that and last month of snow is usually in March or April with an average of about 2.8 inches of snow. Maine’s yearly snow average is around 68.7 inches for the year.

Maine knows how to handle their flurries. Winterizing the state always begins early in preparation and snowplows are readily equipped to ensure everyone who drives can get around safely. Winter activities that take advantage of the snow also begin early with most ski slopes and skating rinks opening in late October.


What’s it like in the Winter?

While summer may be renowned for its warmth, there’s a different kind of magic that unfolds when Maine embraces the cooler seasons, particularly winter. While summer may attract crowds, it’s the quieter months that truly allow Maine’s natural beauty to shine. As temperatures dip and snow blankets the landscape, a serene tranquility envelops the state, inviting residents and visitors alike to embrace the cozy comforts of winter. Learn more about the bounty of each season.