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Are you ready to plot out your vacation plans? Or are you still in #inspirationmode? Either way—we got you covered! Whether you’re plotting out the details for a family gettogether, event, or wedding weekend, you can save, store, and send all the activities you want using our “My Trip Plan.”
Utilize our website’s resources to get the most out of your Maine vacation!

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Explore our craft beer boom, visit must-see landmarks, tour lighthouses, taste local lobster, and become a part of the fabric of our coastal community…at least for a little while. Use “My Trip Plan” to plot out your points of interest, send to family and friends, and save activities for later. There’s even a map feature, so you can see how close and convenient it is to get around Greater Portland.

Portland Cityscape at Night, Photo Credit: Peter G. Morneau
Go-To Guide


At this time, visitors from all U.S. states are welcome to visit Maine without restrictions or testing. Maine is following the National CDC guidelines every step of the way. Check out our go-to guide for Greater Portland for more info!

Customers in Masks at Maine Craft Portland Photo Courtesy of Good Maine

Packages + Deals

Browse through the special packages and deals offered by participating businesses. Find special deals on tours and attractions to maximize your visit. Enhance your shopping experience and find that perfect gift or souvenir. Don’t forget to enjoy the food scene. Find discounts and happy hour specials.

Meal at UNION Restaurant. Photo Credit: Capshore Photography

Getting Around

Get your road snacks and playlist ready—situated adjacent to Interstate 95, Greater Portland is convenient to get to for travelers coming from any direction. Arrive by plane, train, bus, or car—only two hours from Boston and four from New York City, Portland and it’s surrounding areas are positioned perfectly along Maine’s southern coast and jutting into Casco Bay.

Casco Bay Lines Ferry. Photo Credit: Capshore Photography