Wedding Couple in Front of Stage Neck Inn. Photo Provided by Focus Photography

Focus Photography

A contemporary wedding and portrait studio with a creative difference. Our approach to photography is atypical; we actively create images, instead of passively capturing what anyone could see. We create beautiful images, so that our subjects will look beautiful in them. Romantic images of couples to showcase the love between two people. Strong, masculine images of men to emphasize their strength, and glamorous, fashionable images of women to highlight their own personal style. At Focus, we create art, which you could be a part of.

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90 Bridge St
Westbrook, ME 04092

P. (207) 772-4274

About Us

There are six themes that run throughout everything we do – Fashion, Beauty, Love, Art, Innocence, and Heroism – and we try to weave as many of these themes into a session as we can. These are the archetypes of our photography, and we hope you recognize these qualities as you view the images.

So why does this matter to you? Because our images are more than just what could be seen in a reflection. We tell the story of your wedding, instead of just showing your guests eating cheese cubes. We show the bond between a mother and child, instead of how well that child can say “cheese”.

This is our guarantee to you – You’ll love how beautiful you are in your wedding images; you’ll always marvel at how innocent and precious your baby is as he sleeps on your shoulder; and you’ll be proud to show your senior portraits that bring out the best that you can be.