Greater Portland from all angles

Greater Portland from all angles


Check out Maine activities from the north, west, east, and south

“Captain” Herb Ivy of WBLM is standing right in the middle of Portland, Maine. That means fun, food, and adventure await around every corner. Really. Because just twenty minutes in every direction is an exciting and easy to get to destination. Join Herb as he bounces around seaside charms the region has to offer.

Learn about the destinations

The Greater Portland region sits in the southern section of the state, offering a variety of activities from sightseeing, outdoor adventure, shopping, arts, culture, history, dining and so much more. Each town brings their own set of opportunities, history, and landmarks. More on Area Towns.

South to Cape Elizabeth

Herb Ivy first finds himself on sunny-skied Crescent Beach. This classic sandy beach features grass-studded sand dunes, ocean breezes, herring gulls, picnic areas, and views of fishing boats and an offshore island. Just one of several stunning relaxing spots along Maine’s coastline.

West to Westbrook

“This is one of the coolest, coolest towns in Greater Portland” Westbrook has it going on from their ongoing Rock Row developments, river walk, thriving food and drink scene – there is always plenty to see and do when visiting Westbrook.

North to Freeport

Just 20 minutes north of Portland, in the town of Freeport, you’ll experience world-class shopping and outdoor activities. Located on the shores of Casco Bay, Freeport is world-famous for its mix of brand-name outlets and local boutiques housed in quaint and cozy brick buildings dating back to the 18th century. You’re not going to want to miss checking out the L.L.Bean Flagship store!

East to Casco Bay Islands

“East is the ocean! Actually before you hit the ocean you’ll hit a bunch of islands.” Off the coast of Portland is a string of islands called the Calendar Islands. They are named that because it was said there were so many islands along the coast there would be enough to visit one every day of the year. Casco Bay Lines commuter ferry makes it easy to visit some islands year-round.