Surf & Paddle Board

Surf & Paddle Board


Catch Waves while working out your core

Maine’s reputation as a surfing insider’s destination has stuck, with its miles of beaches and rideable waves. While surfers still must seek out the proper conditions, options for stand-up paddle boarders are thrown wide open, whether their goal is getting further out into the surf, exploring a local river or lake, or working out their core.


The beaches in Maine lend themselves to getting out on the water whether that means with a stand-up paddle board or just to watch the swells. Though it won’t be long before visitors will want to take to the water themselves for a taste of the action. Higgins Beach in Scarborough is a popular surfing spot, especially in the winter, though surfers will find waves on midcoast and southern beaches as well.

rentals + Classes

Local paddle shops provide equipment, SUP rentals, and lessons right on Casco Bay near Portland’s downtown, and visitors to the area will find it easy to join SUP intro classes, SUP yoga classes, group and private surf lessons, or SUP sightseeing trips. They’ll even find local workshops where building a board and taking it out on the water combine – a uniquely coastal activity.

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