Event Planner FAQ | AMIDST COVID-19

Event Planner FAQ | AMIDST COVID-19


To help streamline the planning process during COVID-19, we’ve compiled a list of our FAQs from planners. Listed below are details outlining current state guidelines, testing information, regional insights, and some fun ideas for socially-distanced group activities in Greater Portland, Maine.

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Woman holding up bag saying 'from Maine with love' while wearing mask, Photo Courtesy of Allagash Brewing and their staff
Woman holding up bag saying ‘from Maine with love’ while wearing mask, Photo Courtesy of Allagash Brewing and their staff


A: The Keep Maine Healthy plan, represents the state’s multilayered approach which aims to protect both residents and visitors by helping to reduce the COVID-19 risks associated with tourism and travel. Currently, the three ways you can visit Greater Portland are as follows:

  • 1 | If you live in New Hampshire or Vermont you remain exempt from the 10-day quarantine or negative test requirement(Exemptions for Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts have expired.)
  • 2 | Receive a negative COVID-19 test with a sample taken less than 72 hours from arrival in Maine.
  • 3 | Self-quarantine for 10 days
  • For more details pertaining to items 1 & 3 – see answers below.

The Maine DECD provides a detailed overview pertaining to safety requirements and recommendations for large gatherings. To see this information, click HERE.

**Expect sanitization and socially-distanced measures to be enforced. We are asking visitors to please follow businesses’ safety standards and wear masks wherever applicable. We are all in this together.**

Q: What size group can you accommodate?

A: Currently, indoor gatherings of 50 or fewer are permitted and outdoor gatherings of 100 or fewer are permitted. Masks must be worn in all public settings. During normal operations, the largest meeting space in Greater Portland is just over 35,000 sq ft. Although we do not have a convention center, there is a combined available square footage of 112,000 sq ft from conference venues in Portland’s downtown district. This means you have the opportunity to utilize multiple corporate meeting facilities and safely experience the city.

Indoor Conference Room at Mowfield, Photo Credit: Peter Morneau
Indoor Conference Room at Mowfield, Photo Credit: Peter Morneau

Q: would we need to quarantine upon arrival in maine?

A: Those entering the State of Maine from any state or country other than New Hampshire, or Vermont are required to either quarantine for 14 days OR test negative for COVID-19 (either prior to or subsequent to their arrival). The state now allows testing as an alternative to quarantine, and strongly recommends that visitors ‘know before they go’ and get tested in their home state prior to arriving in Maine. Individuals that obtain/receive a negative COVID-19 test (taken within 72 hours prior to arrival) can forgo the 14-day quarantine upon arriving in Maine. A negative test indicates that such visitors are unlikely to have COVID-19 and to spread it to Maine residents and other visitors. Individuals have the option to be tested in Maine, but they must quarantine while awaiting the results. Source: Maine.gov | Keep Maine Healthy


A: Check out Maine’s Swab & Send sites where you can get a COVID-19 test. For a full list of testing sites, click here test site finder.


A: Greater Portland Maine has plenty to offer when it comes to Group Activities, whether you’re looking for Team Building or other Recreational Activities. Maine’s “Outdoors” make the the perfect playground. You can also find Cruises & Toursexcursions, and local events on our Events Calendar

And here’s a tip: many business offer private tours/bookings, if you are looking for a more customized experienced!

Maine Brew Bus Tour in Brewery, Photo Courtesy of Don Littlefield.
Maine Brew Bus Tour with PPE in Brewery, Photo Courtesy of Don Littlefield.

Q: Where can I hold a unique offsite event?

A: Greater Portland has an abundance of unique spaces that are dedicated to health and safety, while also remaining full of charm and local flair. Throw your guests an off-site reception at one of Portland’s atmospheric function facilities or a Maine Lobster bake at an oceanfront restaurant. Our team is happy to guide you to the perfect spot!

Wine Sail at Sunset with PPE, Photo Courtesy of Wine Wise Events

Q: Do any of your hotels accomodate ‘bubbles’ for sports or other EVENTS?

A: YES! Many of our Hotel partners are happy to facilitate buy-outs or partial buy-outs, for those seeking to limit their exposure with other guests. To get the process started, simply submit your RFP, and be sure to include your preferred dates along with your required rates, as well as any additional requirements needed to execute your event. From there we will send this to the hotels and have them contact you directly with their proposals.

Front desk with protective barrier and sanitizer, Photo Credit: Residence Inn Portland Downtown Waterfront
Front desk with protective barrier and sanitizer, Photo Credit: Residence Inn Portland Downtown Waterfront


A: This may be our most asked question from meeting planners. Our answer– a lobster bake! Maine Lobster is the sweetest, most flavorful lobster you can eat. It is hand-caught by local fishermen dedicated to sustainable fishing for generations and paired with the cold, clear waters of Casco Bay makes the perfect fit. A Maine lobster bake is part of the local heritage. There are several ways you can host your own lobster bake for your group. You can bring in a local caterer to one of our unique venues, dine at one of Greater Portland’s mouth-watering restaurants, or even crack into lobsters while on a scenic cruise on Casco Bay. With so many delicious options YEAR ROUND, you can’t go wrong!

Outdoor seating at David’s Restaurant, Photo courtesy of David Turin

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