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Caitlin Shea & Michael Bullers Wedding

My husband, Mike, and I met in Washington, DC! I lived there for eight years and Mike for seven. We dated for over three years before our Christmas morning engagement! The quick question that comes right after engagement is - WHEN? WHERE? I am originally from Massachusetts and Mike is originally from western PA. He graciously agreed that we are more "New England” and we quickly started looking in New England! After looking in Massachusetts and only finding very overpriced and unoriginal places...we found Hardy Farm in Maine. My mom and I actually found it independently and then told each other about it! It was February 2015 at the time, and the only date they had left in summer 2016 (we are both teachers - so we wanted summer) was July 16th! Which just so happens to be my maternal grandmother’s birthday. She died when I was little, and she was my mom’s best’s like the pieces magically fell into place - it was MEANT to be! After seeing the breath-taking and unique venue, Mike approved instantly!

We booked the venue, without ever seeing it (Mike had never even been to Maine!!). When we did get to see it for the first time, we were blown away! It was even better than we imagined!! The venue has two houses, a barn, a woodland chapel and a beautiful sail-cloth tent!! The venue is 45 minutes from Portland, 15 minutes from North Conway, NH, minutes from the Saco River and as you look into the distance and see the White Mountains!!! We were STOKED!

Mike and I love to be outside, so Maine seemed like the absolute perfect place for us! Maine feels FREE and natural, and we love everything about it! Six months after we booked the venue, we actually decided to move to Massachusetts to set down roots in New England! We love DC and our friends there, but we knew it was not our forever place. This made us even more excited to show all of our friends from afar, our favorite corner of the country!

Maine really was the perfect choice for us and we plan to always make it "our” spot!

Written by: Caitlin Shea

Photographer:Paul Robert Berman Photography

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