Blending Flavors From Near and Far

Blending Flavors From Near and Far

Food + Drink From All over the GLobe

local, regional, and international eats

Whether you are from around the corner or halfway around the globe, you are sure to find flavors that appeal to every whim and craving in Greater Portland. Walk down our historic brick and cobblestone pathways and discover a world of restaurants specializing in every food fusion imaginable; here you will find a delicate balance of local ingredients and worldwide flavor.

No matter what type of food you decide to dine on, you will find menus dense with organically grown, harvested wild, locally farmed, and seasonal foods. Maine farmers, fisherman and foragers are depended upon to provide these raw materials, and local chefs use them to expert advantage, seizing upon seasonal ingredients and farm-fresh flavors.

world of flavor

International cuisine provides some of the area’s culinary highlights. Portland restaurants are fortunate to be home to some of the best chefs in the nation, Some having honed their skills in Paris, Versailles, Japan, Bangkok, and Mumbai before bringing their talents to the states for us to enjoy. Fresh ingredients infused with international flavors marry modern cooking techniques and old world style in the fine dining establishments and casual eateries all over the city.

Street eats + Bistros

Casual dining is one of the best ways to discover the authentic creations of from around the world. The flavor of the streets seeps into the fabric of Portland’s international food choices found on the food trucks, in street eateries, and bistros around the city. Noodle houses offer oversize bowls of Pho and Vietnamese comfort foods. Italian bistros bring rustic fare, with house-made pastas, pizzas and artisanal breads. Visitors can duck into a local bistro for huevos rancheros, “nuevo latino” cuisine and Spanish-inspired tapas menus in lively open kitchens. French peasant food can be found in the city as can home-style German food, Korean BBQ, and dumpling houses tucked away on side streets – all serve up some of the wonders of far away.

the bigger picture: Farm-to-table

Farm-to-table dining got an early start in Greater Portland, and the city has emerged as a leader in this influential movement. While its roots in agriculture are deep (the state is home the Scott and Helen Nearing’s groundbreaking Harborside farm), today, Maine is part of an agricultural revival, where local, sustainable farms provide food for the region and beyond. Four-season and on-site gardens, greenhouses, and hydroponically-grown restaurant staples provide the backbone for restaurant vegetables; land farmers provide farm-raised beef, pork, rabbit, and poultry; sea farmers provide fresh-from-the-boat meals of lobster and haddock from the Gulf of Maine; farm-raised marine seafood—oysters, clams, scallops, and mussels will often come from farms owned and operated by area families.

Chefs work hand-in-hand with maine farmers and fishermen to GUARANTEE the highest quality INGREDIENTS.

The community of farmers and fisherman take pains to provide their harvest safely and sustainably. With organizations such as the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and the Maine Aquaculture Association, Maine chefs have the luxury to personally work with the local harvesters to provide the freshest products while knowing that they are featuring under-utilized, abundant and responsibly harvested seafood. This partnership has provided new seafood products for the chef’s menus, opportunities for diners to learn new ways to prepare delectable dishes, added needed resources for our fishermen all the while jointly working to create a more sustainable community for everyone.

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