For The Love of Lobster

For The Love of Lobster

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Crack Into the 5 W’s of Lobster

You’ve may have heard the word about Maine lobster (that it’s pretty much the best thing around), but what is all the buzz about? Heralded by some as the only place to get authentic lobster, Maine has been dubbed “x marks the spot” for the treasure of lobster. That title is well-deserved considering the state produces 40 million pounds of lobster annually or 90% of the nation’s lobster supply. So let’s take a closer look and find out what makes lobster in Maine so great.

Who brings this maine staple from sea to plate?

Fresh steamed lobster, lobster chowder, lobster mac-and-cheese, lobster rolls, If you have a craving we have your seafood fix. MaIne lobster is the sweetest, most succulent lobster in the world and Maine’s hardworking lobstermen and women deliver this Maine staple all year long. Lobstering often requires early mornings, and the professionals are used to greeting the day along with the dawn. Often decked in many layers and special PVC coated rain gear to protect against the cold harsh wind and elements. Sun squinting, weathering their hands with each haul they tote, uncertain weather conditions—lobstermen withstand it all for the “sport” they most enjoy. Getting the best lobster is a true labor of love. Not just anyone can run a lobster boat and catch lobster, only skilled professionals with a license to be out on a boat. Lobstering is not for the faint of heart, so Maine is very proud to be home of such dedicated individuals.

what does Maine mean to the lobstering industry?

The state of Maine is a ground-breaker in the lobstering industry. Pioneering the development of lobstering by utilizing fresh product, the industry took way in Maine in the late 19th century. Maine’s aquaculture was established and still presently serves to farm and cultivate marine seafood and sea vegetables. Aquaculture can include maintaining and protecting the proper habitat needed for the marine life to be reproduced and raised.

when can you get fresh lobster?

Lobstering in Maine can take place year round, so rest assured, that if you’re in Maine you can get that lobster you’ve been hankering for. In terms of the best seasons, lobster are more active from June to December, so it’s perfect timing for everything from summer festivals to fall foliage trips to and holiday celebrations.

where can you eat Lobster?

We get this one a lot. Where is the best restaurant to get a lobster roll or a lobster dinner? The answer is that Maine lobster is the sweetest, most flavorful lobster in the world—and because restaurants locally source their seafood where possible—you are guaranteed a consistent, succulent lobster experience anywhere you go.

why should you try Maine lobster?

Buying local lobster helps to support the men and women who have dedicated their lives to providing quality food for our table. Also, by eating at local restaurants, with locally sourced food, you are not only getting a superb savory dish, you are also supporting those who are caring about the environment! Lobstermen are very much aware of the ever-changing climate and are increasing their efforts to preserve and sustain the natural ecosystems through the work that they are doing. Having at least a basic understanding of: where our favorite lobster roll or luxurious dinner came from, the history behind the industry, and what it takes to get the lobster, gives us a better appreciation of all the greater things lobster in Maine has to offer. So the next time you pour hot butter (aka liquid gold) over your next sumptuous lobster meal… Now you know!

how did that lobster dinner DISAPPEAR so fast?

Hopefully we helped crack the case of how your favorite lobster dish is sourced and sent to your plate. Now as to how the delicious lobster dinner disappeared from your plate so fast…that might have to be a “tail” for another time!

Written by a local:

Abigail Williams

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