Snowmobiling in Maine

Snowmobiling in Maine

glimpse maine’s lakes + mountains

skiing, sledding, and snowboarding

Those looking for winter adventure are well advised to try snowmobiling, it if isn’t a passion already. It’s extremely popular in Maine. Maine’s snowmobile trail system includes over 14,000 miles of trails, including 3,500 miles of primary trail known as the Interconnected Trail System (ITS), which allows a rider to start from any location and get to any other in the system, enjoying woods, water bodies and exceptionally groomed routes along the way.

Maine’s growing community of snowmobiling resorts provide meals, lodging, rentals, and equipment. Registered sled operators provide riding and safety instruction, and many offer guided touring.

Of its thousands of miles of trails, some of the most visited include the scenic wilderness of Baxter State Park; Moosehead Lake, with its thousands of acres and charming towns; the Rangeley Lakes region, with its flawless grooming and some of the largest club members in the state; Jackman, where spacious lodges open right onto the trails; the Forks area, known for its groomed trails and conditions; and Aroostook County where snow is measured in feet rather than inches. Trail reports, maps, tours, guides, and accommodations welcome riders all across the state – visitors will find them through local snowmobile chapters.

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