How to Master an Outdoor Retreat

How to Master an Outdoor Retreat

Meet in Maine’s great outdoors

where business meets adventure

From the logistical components to the weather and the liability, outdoor retreats for your company can be a bit tricky. Maine’s great outdoors are where business meets adventure! Our backyard creates the perfect setting for groups looking to break out of the boardroom! And we can help with the details.

We hear from our clients who have used our services to master this style of programming that they have seen amazing results in terms of creative idea generation and employee bonding satisfaction. The payoff is well worth the effort! 

pick your playland

Bradbury Mountain with Dog, Photo Credit: Tim Greenway

Traditional hotels, inns and resorts serve an amazing purpose for many group programs, but when thinking about an outdoor retreat, transport your team to the open air by settling into rustic cabins.  Learn More

team work makes the dream work

Tumbledown Mountain, Photo Credit: Chris Lawrence

Maine provides the fresh air and adventure necessary for group to better connect and openly communicate. Choose from whitewater rafting to zip lining and cooking competitions, Maine has something for every team. Let the bonding begin!  Learn More

make lifelong maine memories

Lobsterbake, Photo Courtesy of Focus Photography

Lobsterbakes are quintessential Maine. Imagine looking out over Casco Bay, feeling the sand beneath your toes, and hearing your coworker struggle to crack into that stubborn claw (with the many laughs to follow), pretty memorable right?  Learn More