Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism

feel rejuvenated through travel


When visiting metropolitan areas, you may think of the hustle and bustle, shopping, wining, dining, the city lights, night life, the list goes on. While those experiences most definitely should be had, did you know there is another way to travel? Wellness tourism is quite possibly the most relaxing way to plan your next trip. Unwind, unplug, and embark on activities that will make you feel refreshed and not like you need another vacation.

spas + sea breezes

The Greater Portland area truly is the best of both worlds in being home to the metropolitan city of Portland, but also being a part of a largely rural state. One can access the things they need from the city and get away from the hubbub to explore the great outdoors within only a matter of minutes. From a spa retreat to finding your safe haven sanctuary at a quiet park to decompress from the work week, the Greater Portland area is the best place to go to feel refreshed and re-energized at the same time.

Some may envision the ultimate image of relaxing in Maine as: kicking back on an adirondack chair at a log cabin somewhere in the woods, and or taking in the amazing views from a “wicked-good” wicker chair at a beachfront cottage. While those options are definitely valid, for our adventure-seeker friends, however, please rest assured de-stressing doesn’t always have to mean sitting still! One of the most rejuvenating things you can do for yourself can be simply going for a walk in nature, and getting some “fresh air”. 

engage your tastebuds

Experience the best of Maine’s culinary scene by exploring our “healthy eating” options. Whether that means trying vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian options at our world-class restaurants or just sampling our locally-grown, seasonal ingredients and produce from local farmers. Make your wellness tour well-rounded by deciding to eat healthy during your stay. The Greater Portland area has many restaurants and eateries that cater to the many mindful individuals who choose to eat our local seafood, produce, or foraged ingredients. In “Vacationland”, you won’t have to give up any of the comforts to be healthy—engage your tastebuds with delights from some of the best places to eat in the country.


Last, but certainly not least, do you know the one area of wellness that most people can tend to overlook? Getting a good night sleep! There are so many wonderful hotels and bed and breakfasts in the Portland area that make sure you are the most comfortable and cared after during your stay. Invest in your well-being by getting a good quality night’s stay at a world-class hotel or bed and breakfast.

Self-care is very important. Take care of yourself and you’ll hopefully start to find the pieces of your daily life start to fall into place. Consider taking a more relaxing approach to traveling, through the many wellness options our region has to offer for you!

Written by: Abigail Williams