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Angie Federico & Guy Tuccero Wedding

Why Maine? The question was never "why," it was "how?" Although we live in Colorado, my husband Guy and I chose to have our wedding in Maine. We both grew up on the east coast in Connecticut, but I was born in Maine and have many ties to Maine and all of its beauty. My biggest connection is a tiny rustic island off the coast of Maine called Crumple Island. This island is a sanctuary and has been a special place in my family and family friends for generations. I have always had the dream to get married on the island. Years ago, when Guy came out to Crumple Island with me for the first time, he agreed that this would be the spot. So, time went by and we moved to Colorado, got engaged- and then started the process of HOW to make our Maine destination wedding happen!

Well, there are no structures on Crumple Island other than our cabin and a couple cabins next to it. There is no running water- unless you count the water we hand pump from the well, and there is no electricity. As a couple who had envisioned a wedding of about 150 people, given the friends we wanted to invite and the size of our family, we knew we would have to get creative. We decided to go all in with our "destination wedding" and have a private ceremony on Crumple Island to kick off our "wedding week," followed by a wedding with all of our family and friends at Point Lookout Resort in Northport, Maine.

Our Maine island ceremony and celebration was a dream come true. We spent time together, gathered with our closest friends and family, and of course ate a ton of fresh lobster. Following our getaway at Crumple Island, we traveled to Point Lookout Resort where all of our extended family and friends joined us to continue the celebration.

Point Lookout had everything we were looking for- beautiful, cozy, rustic cabins to stay in; the best views of the hills, greenery, and water; their own farm on site and even a bowling alley! The staff was amazingly helpful throughout the entire weekend and really allowed us to have the best wedding weekend ever. We had our ceremony (again) at the resort on Friday followed by our reception, and an after party at our cabins! On Saturday night we had another 'after' party at the onsite bowling alley with pizza, wine, and beer. The location gave us everything we wanted in a Maine wedding. We were just outside of a couple really great Maine towns including Northport, Lincolnville, and Camden, Maine, which were great for our guests to be able to explore. Choosing to have our destination wedding in Maine was absolutely the right choice for us and we wouldn't have had it any other way!

Written by: Angie Federico 

Wedding Photos provided by: Bob Young (Blue Diamond Photography)

Casual Photos provided by: Steve Schaefer

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