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Power in Numbers

Visit Portland is your frontline connection to visitors, meeting/wedding planners, travel professionals, and media. Extend your sales team and grow a marketing arm when you partner with your local tourism resource.

Why Partner With Us?

Benefits of Partnership

Visit Portland tells an inviting story by attending trade shows, hosting press trips & sales missions, and having a strong print, online, digital, and social media presence. This strategy is supported by a team of seasoned tourism professionals and enables us to drive interest to Greater Portland effectively.

Reading Visitor's Guide, Photo Credit: Capshore Photography
Lead Delivery

Group Marketing

Visit Portland is the only organization actively working to promote Maine as a meetings destination for Conventions, Meetings, Events, SportsReunions, and Weddings. Our group marketing team attends tradeshows and works with planners to bring their group or event to Maine. Those event leads are then disseminated to our partners to boost their local businesses. 

Oysters at event, Photo Credit: Ian Wagreich Photography
Spread the word

Events + Deals

Get in front of your audience by promoting your initiatives on our high-performing Events Calendar and Deals & Packages. Partners post events and deals through their Web Dashboard – including a photograph, event description, and links to drive traffic to a booking engine or website.

Working Waterfront, Photo Credit: Peter G. Morneau
Tap Target Audiences

Marketing Opportunities

The Visit Portland team works year round to bring visitors to the region and state! As a result, we do what most people thinks “just happens!” Our mission is to promote visitation to Greater Portland and thus provide local businesses with exposure via our highly referenced platforms.

Snapping a Photo of Fort Gorges from Sailboat, Photo Credit: Kirsten Alana


We’ve belonged to Visit Portland for over 20 years because the community interaction, business leads, resources for publications and advertising, as well as referrals from networking are tremendous. We not only cover our membership expense with 1 or 2 events, our partnership generates 30-40% beyond that!”

-Jason Briggs | VIP Tour + Charter Co.