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Q. How much does it cost to become a member?

A. Your annual investment depends on the number of marketing programs you choose and the type and size of your business. The average non-hotel rate is $600 a year.

Q. When does my program start?

A. Starts immediately upon completion of membership dues. Your marketing program runs on an anniversary basis. If you sign up in July, you’ll be prompted to renew the following July.

Q. Where is my business listed on your website?

A. When you opt into the Leisure Marketing program, you are listing in the applicable categories on the Visit site. Since the destination website is interest based, you will be included on each category fitting to your business. When you opt into the Group Marketing program, you are listed in applicable categories on the Meetings page. You may also add a Weddings Venue listing and market to Travel Professionals.
See Marketing for additional opportunities.

Please complete this online application form. We will be in touch to help you with your marketing plan.

  • Example: Number of Sleeping Rooms, Meeting Space Specs, Number of Restaurant Seats, Number of Employees.
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