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PARTNER Endorsements



I can’t say enough about the Visit Portland organization! Every individual is completely focused on bringing not only exposure of our brand, but their efforts have resulted in real tangible successes for our small business in Downtown Portland. By continually encouraging partners to interact, bringing leads and introductions and especially bringing visitors to Maine their work is vital to us all. Thank you Visit Portland for your positive energy, friendship and omnipresent smiles.

–Janice Sears | CHART Metalworks

.  .  .

“Visit Portland has been an amazing partner for SP+ to network and establish partnerships throughout the Great Portland area. If it wasn’t for Visit Portland, we would still be developing our network rather than working with our newly established partners. We continue to get established leads that bear fruit from our listings. The Visit Portland extranet has been an invaluable tool to manage our leads and service requests. It’s as easy as clicking a button or to manage these consistent requests. Having a Visit Portland partnership is a must in the hospitality industry here in Portland as we work together to make the guest experience in our wonderful city the best it can possibly be!”

–Kevin Sandler | Senior Manager II

.  .  .

“We’ve belonged to Visit Portland for over 20 years because the community interaction, business leads, resources for publications and advertising, as well as referrals from networking are tremendous. We not only cover our membership expense with 1 or 2 events, our partnership generates 30-40% beyond that!”

–Jason Briggs | VIP Tour + Charter Co.

.  .  .

“Visit Portland provided us a valuable access to interact and connect with local businesses. Their networking opportunities provide unique ways for business to share ideas, customers, and talent in our small community.   The marketing and PR partnerships provide valuable ways to showcase our businesses to customers, where we would not have the capacity to do so.  The non-tangible and tangible returns from our partnership well exceeds our investment, and is a great opportunity for new and non-so-new businesses alike.”

–Avery Windham | The Docent’s Collection

.  .  .

“I have formed countless relationships leading to many mutually beneficial partnerships, including multiple sources of referrals, and sales. Maine Foodie Tours has grown 65% over the season.”

– Pam Laskey | Maine Day Ventures