The Honey Exchange Display, Photo Courtesy of Honey Exchange

The Honey Exchange

Our store is to honey what a sugar house is to maple syrup. Come see us for local honey, see our glass-fronted observation hive, a chance to meet the actual beekeeper, and live demonstrations in Portland, Maine.

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494 Stevens Ave
Portland, ME 04103

P. (207) 773-9333

Tues – Sat
10:00 am–6:00 pm
10:00 am–2:00 pm
About Us

We have found that beekeeping and honey extraction hold tremendous appeal to people young and old. With the public at large generally aware of the plight of honeybees globally, more and more people seek out honey and hive products when they travel.

We are a unique retail experience, with a local flavor that gives visitors a chance to bring home something from Maine that they can fit into their suitcase.

The store gives everyone an opportunity to learn about honeybees, safely see the workings of the bees in our observation hive, and support local beekeepers who sell their honey, beeswax products, and other products of the hive.