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Love food? We empower the Home Cook in your life with small-batch blends and rubs, salts, unique ingredients, inspiring cookbooks, and a curated collection of accessories and tableware. Experience new flavors and aromas with our interactive tester wall.

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372 Fore St
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P. (207) 536-4475

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About Us
In the Karonis house, food has always been synonymous with family.
Our best memories, most fun times, and dearest moments have occurred while preparing meals in the kitchen or enjoying them together around the table. It’s this spirit that is the inspiration for SKORDO… and one that we hope to bring to you. A shop to enable home cooks, of all experience levels, to create and enjoy good food with the ones they love.
Our mission is to empower the home cook, from novice to foodie, by
 equipping you with the best ingredients, accessories, and cookbooks
• educating you on how to use them
• exciting you to experiment and have fun in the kitchen
Let’s Cook.

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