Maine Classic Car Museum Interior, Photo Courtesy of Maine Classic Car Museum

Maine Classic Car Museum

The Maine Classic Car Museum is Portland and the Seacoasts friendliest new visitor destination. Welcome to  an incredible journey back to a simpler, but more elegant time in history. Our exhibit is home to over 50 classics and hundreds of curiosities, all curated with helpful tour guides, placards, and short-subject films. The collection features an original 1913 Model T, rare beauties like a 1968 Ferrari and of course our amazing Tucker 48—the holy grail of car collecting in America.

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2564 Portland Road
Arundel, ME, U.S.

P. (207) 494-1940

Mon – Sun
10:00 am–5:00 pm
About Us

The Museum’s welcoming atmosphere is not only one of nostalgia for generations who experienced these classic cars and vintage artifacts first hand, but also promotes learning and creativity for the younger generation who never had the opportunity to see these hidden gems in person. The Museum is also home to some amazing works of art that emphasize the beauty and culture of our American history.