Sampling Beer. Photo Provided by Geary Brewing Co.

Geary Brewing Company

A dynamic Portland brewery with an important history in both the craft beer world and the state of Maine. Incorporated in 1983, Geary Brewing is New England’s First Craft Brewery in the post prohibition era. Visit our tasting room and during the summer months you can enjoy your beer of choice in the beer garden, and maybe even catch a local food truck or a Saturday event with a live band. Games and snacks are always available.

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38 Evergreen Dr
Portland, ME 04103

P. (207) 878-2337

Mon – Fri
9:00 am–5:00 pm
About Us

Our innovative brewery started a craft beer movement when we poured our flagship beer, Geary’s Pale Ale, in the winter of 1986 and since then has developed an extensive line of heritage beers brewed in open fermentation.

Today, the revitalization of Geary Brewing brings a new line of true-to-style contemporary beers brewed in closed fermentation and available in 16 oz. cans. In the newly renovated tasting room, guests can sample and purchase the beers they love in the packages they prefer as well as join a complimentary tour of the historic brew house.

There’s something for everyone at Geary Brewing: hazy, juicy IPAs, dark, sweet porters, stouts or brown ales, fruited lagers, sours, and even bourbon barrel aged beer.

CURBSIDE PICK-UP (TOUCH-FREE): Call (207) 730-0979
CARHOP MAINE (DELIVERY): Visit www.carhopme.com