Truly Goat Yoga. Photo Credit: Photo Provided by Ashley Flowers
Ashley Flowers Outdoor Yoga. Photo Credit: PGM Photography
SUP Yoga Retreat. Photo Credit: P.J. Schwarz
Outdoor Yoga @ the MSSPA - Photo Credit: Ashley Flowers Yoga/ Harmony with Horses
Maine Yoga Fest 2017. Photo Credit: Courtney Elizabeth Photography
Goat Yoga at Smiling Hill Farm. Photo Credit: Ashley Flowers
Yoga Class Outside. Photo Credit: PGM Photography
Outdoor Yoga. Photo Provided by Ashley Flowers
Maine Yoga Fest 2017. Photo Credit: Courtney Elizabeth Photography

Ashley Flowers Yoga

Unique yoga experiences that empower you to be yourself. Smile, laugh, pet the goats, splash in the water, or simply bask in the joy of being you.

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P. (207) 200-7394

Mon – Sun
8:00 am–7:00 pm
About Us

Break free of expectations and discover unique yoga experiences that encourage you to be yourself! Ashley Flowers Yoga’s public classes are suitable for any level of practitioner, from the never-done-yoga-before people, to the yoga-everyday yogis!

Ashley’s favorite way to experience Maine is outside! With a variety of unique, outdoor yoga options, she invites you to take your yoga journey into the great outdoors.

Take a short jaunt over to Westbrook or a scenic drive to Windham to try Goat Yoga at Smiling Hill Farm or Horse Yoga at the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. You’ll smile, laugh, pet the animals, and probably even do some yoga! Public and private classes are available.

For an off the Portland peninsula adventure, head onto the Back Cove trail and hike over to Fresh Air Yoga in Payson Park. You’ll have a beautiful view of the water as you walk and immerse yourself in the beauty of the trees during your yoga session. Classes are offered year round!