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Maine’s largest private sector tourism organization. Publication, promotion and advocacy for the tourism industry in Maine.

MaineTourism.com offers extensive, statewide listings of accommodations, attractions, restaurants and visitor services.

From our rock-bound shores to our majestic mountains and islands, Maine is the destination that will exceed your expectations.

Maine Tourism Association

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About Us

Maine Tourism Association, a private nonprofit membership organization, has been promoting business and leisure travel to Maine since 1921. Originally called the Maine Publicity Bureau, the organization was created “to maintain and operate a bureau and offices for the purpose of acquiring and disseminating information concerning the business interests of the State of Maine”. The Maine Legislature chartered the Maine Publicity Bureau in 1938 to ensure it continued to promote tourism through the publication and distribution of travel information. In 1999 the name was changed to the Maine Tourism Association to better reflect our mission.

Today, the Maine Tourism Association promotes Maine travel in a variety of ways, with the goal of increasing visitation to the state and its more than 1600 member businesses. By banding together with professional leadership and organizations across the State of Maine, we create economic opportunities for our membership and promote the unique quality of the Maine tourism experience.