Cheers Inside Brewery. Photo Provided by Maine Brews Cruise

Tour Tap Takeover

We’re back for another hop-tastic showdown of Portland’s craft beverage connoisseurs!

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Portland Beer Hub
320 Fore Street
Portland, Maine 04101 United States
About the Event
Presented by
Maine Brews Cruise
November 6, 2023

Mark your calendars for Monday, November 6, 2023 to kick off the start of 207 Beer Week. In a tour-vs-tour faceoff, Portland’s finest craft brewers are set to clash in the ultimate battle of the taps. And remember, every sip counts! Cheer on your favorite brewer for the esteemed MVB (Most Victorious Brewer) title.

Each contender, grouped by their respective Maine Brews Cruise tours, enters with just one sixtel or its equivalent. With every pint you guzzle, you cast your ‘vote’. Keep an eye on the Beer Hub screens to watch the “votes” pile up in real-time. And hey, if your chosen brewer seems to be lagging? It might be time for a refill.

The whistle blows at 9:00 PM sharp, and by 9:30 PM, we’ll know who’s the top dog in each tour!
Who will emerge victorious, and who will drown in their suds? Which brand will strut with the coveted title of being Portland’s finest? And out of them all, who will be bestowed with the grand MVB title?

Here’s your lineup, beer enthusiasts:

First Draft Tour:
Bissell Brothers
Belleflower Brewing
Goodfire Brewing

Best of Portland Tour:
Blue Lobster Urban Winery
Three of Strong Spirits

Local Pour Tour:
Nonesuch River Brewing
Island Dog Brewing
Mast Landing

Beer Discovery Tour:
Lone Pine Brewing
Banded Brewing
Bunker Brewing

Pubs of Portland Tour:
Shipyard Brewing
Liquid Riot