Three of Strong Drink, Photo Credit: Knack Factory

The 5th Annual Anniversary Punch Contest

It’s that time of year again for the Three of Strong Spirits’ 5th Anniversary Rum Punch Contest! This is your chance to showcase your mixology skills, create a memorable rum punch, and win some prizes!

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About the Event
Presented by
Three of Strong Spirits
(207) 899-4930
July 1, 2024 through July 31, 2024

Craft Your Punch: Use our namesake rhyme to guide your measurements and ingredients. Get creative within these guidelines to develop a unique and delicious punch.

Combine one part sour, two parts sweet, three parts strong, and four parts weak. Add a dash of bitters and a sprinkle of spice, serve well-chilled with plenty of ice.

One part sour: Usually citrus such as lime, lemon, or grapefruit.
Two parts sweet: Any sweetening agent such syrups, sugar, or maple syrup.
Three parts strong: Any of our premium craft spirits!
Four parts weak: Something that dilutes the punch such as tea, juices, club soda, or water.

How to submit your recipe:
Email your detailed recipe to by midnight on July 31. Don’t forget to include Your information! Make sure to include your name, contact information, and the name of your rum punch

• 1st Place: $105 gift card & your punch served in our tasting room
• 2nd Place: Bottle of Working Title Vol. 5 & 2 rocks glasses
• 3rd Place: Party Pack & Community Spirits tote bag