Tour Boat Passing Lighthouse Photo Provided by New England Eco Adventures

Portland’s Ultimate Lighthouse Tour

This guided adventure will take you on a breathtaking journey along the rugged shoreline to view more lighthouses than any other tour in the state! Get ready for an unforgettable excursion that combines history, natural beauty, and maritime charm aboard a performance rib boat that allows you to experience more in less time while enjoying a fun ride along the way.

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About the Event
Presented by
New England Eco Adventures
July 9, 2024 through September 12, 2024

Our tour departs from historic Portland Harbor, where you’ll step aboard a comfortable and well-appointed boat. As we speed off, the sea breeze will invigorate you and prepare you for the adventure that awaits. Have your camera ready as the first lighthouse occurs almost immediately on the tour.

As we cruise the waters around Portland Harbor we will make stops at Portland Breakwater Light, Spring Point Light and Ram Island Ledge Light before stopping at Maine’s oldest and most iconic lighthouse, Portland Headlight. This historic beacon, with its striking architecture and stark coastal backdrop, is a sight to behold from the perspective of the Atlantic Ocean as seafarers have done for more than 200 years. After photos and information about this iconic lighthouse, we continue the ride along the rocky shores of Cape Elizabeth to Two Lights State Park, whose twin lighthouses perch atop dramatic cliffs.

Our best chance for wildlife comes during the next leg of the ride as we cruise open waters to Halfway Rock Lighthouse, a true maritime relic. Standing proudly on a remote ledge in the open ocean, it has guided mariners through thick fog and turbulent waters for over a century. Seals are often found on this remote rock and harbor porpoise are regularly seen feeding in this region rich in sea life.

Throughout the tour, our knowledgeable and friendly guides will share captivating stories and facts about each lighthouse’s history, while keeping an eye out for wildlife and other points of interest along the way. Our boat tour in Portland, Maine will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the maritime heritage of this stunning region. Come aboard and let us be your guides on this maritime journey of a lifetime.