Outside Family Game Night - Photo Courtesy of Pineland Farms

Outside Family Game Night

Come join us for a light dinner and a night of fun filled games and activities!

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This event has passed.
Pineland Farms
15 Farm View Drive
New Gloucester, Maine 04260 United States
About the Event
Presented by
Pineland Farms
(207) 688-3384
July 7, 2023 through July 28, 2023
Event Type: Group Games
Date and time: Every Friday in July 5:30pm-7:30pm
Location: Pineland Farms Outdoor Center
Registration: Online is preferred but if tickets are available, they may be purchased at the Outdoor Recreation Center.
Fee: $18.00 Per person
Ages: Intended for ages 12+ Attendees under 16 would, require a guardian to be at the event (for the entire duration) and purchase a ticket.Come join us for a light dinner and a night of fun filled games and activities!

July 7th – RING-A-LEVIO: a game in which players on one team are given time to hide and are then sought out by members of the other team who try to capture them, keep them in a place of confinement, and keep them from being released by their teammates.

The game will take place on the upper portion of Pineland Farms Campus.

Attendees will be broken into 2 groups, Group “A” will start as seekers and will have approximately 25 minutes to find and tag the players in group “B”. Once the time is up group “B” will receive a point for every player that remains hidden. Teams can earn 2 points for every player that makes it to the pre-determined “safe zone”. If a player is tagged by the opposite team they must go to the designated jail area. Players can get out of jail if a player from their team tags them while they are in jail. After the allotted time is up teams will switch roles.

July 14th – Lawn game challenge: Bring a friend and try to be the lawn game champion! There will be a variety of lawn games, including but not limited to – Corn Hole – Washer Toss – Ladder Ball – Kan Jam – and more! Team that wins the most games will receive a prize!

July 21st – 4- way Volleyball: Attendees will be divided into 4 teams to play volleyball. Rules are like regular volleyball except if the ball touches the ground in your “area” you get a point. Once your team has 11 points you are out. Last team standing wins!

July 28th – Slip & slide kickball: Good old fashion kickball, with a new twist. The bases are a kiddy pool (filled with water) and the base paths are slip and slides. Be prepared to get wet!

Contact: outdoor@pinelandfarms.org or 207-688-6899

Directions: Outdoor & Fitness Center – 25 Campus Rd. New Gloucester, Maine