Leigh Olson, Tour Guide and founder of Historic Workouts® - Photo Courtesy of Historic Workouts® / Taken by Stewart Smith Photography

Old Port Historic Workouts®

90-minute fun yet challenging workout all while learning the rich history of the Old Port from 1632! Designed for all fitness levels, this workout begins with a warm-up followed by speed walking or light jogging to various landmarks and monuments to discuss historical facts and anecdotes of the Old Port’s history all while performing various exercises for a super total body workout… Burn and Learn™ Also offering Old Port Historic Walking Tours – the more casual walking tour for all!

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Monument Square
456 Congress St
Portland, Maine 04101 United States
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Old Port Historic Tours
Saturday, May 1 – Monday, October 31

In an Old Port Historic Workout® there are over 50 historic stops including historical landmarks, architecture, and monuments. We will also discuss famous/legendary people of the area, prohibition and how it all started in the Old Port, some of the hottest restaurants and craft beer bars, the best places for craft beer tastings, waterfront history, the Old Port’s biggest fires, Underground Railroad, shopping, real estate history, and much more all while getting a Total Body Workout! This is a great way for visitors to learn the history of the Old Port without leaving their workout at home while on holiday or business, and it’s fun for locals looking to learn more about their area while getting a great workout at the same time. This is also a #1 hit for Bachelorette parties! We burn and learn, but also loads of fun! Wear something comfortable to work out in and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Old Port Historic Workouts® is available from May through October and is great for individuals, couples, or small groups up to a maximum of 12 people. So, whether it’s just yourself for one-on-one training or with a group of friends/family, a Historic Workout is truly a unique experience for the history buff who loves fitness! Please call 646-845-9714 or email leigholson@oldporthistorictours.com to book. Tickets are not available via Ticketmaster/ticketweb as Historic Workouts® are private tours only. Visit oldporthistorictours.com for special group rates!

Your Tour Guide and Trainer, Leigh Rush Olson, is a certified professional Fitness Instructor with the Athletics Fitness Association of America (AFAA), American Red Cross CPR certified, holds a BA in History from CUNY Brooklyn College, and is a Portland History Docent with the Maine Historical Society in collaboration with Portland Landmarks. Leigh is also a Portland native, so you’re in good hands!