Muscongus Bay Three-Day Trip - Photo Courtesy of: Portland Paddle

Muscongus Bay Three-Day Trip

Muscongus Bay is one of our favorite destinations for multi-day sea kayaking trips on the Maine coast. It offers a prime environment for viewing wildlife, and its countless small islands provide plenty of options for exploring the Maine Island Trail. Muscongus Bay doesn’t attract many large boats due to its lack of major harbors and shallow ledges, but it’s absolutely perfect for sea kayaking.

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Portland Paddle
East End Beach, 1 Cutter Street
Portland, ME 04101 United States
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Portland Paddle
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July 3, 2023 through August 28, 2023

Where You’ll Paddle: This trip starts with a roughly 90-minute drive north to the small village of Friendship. From there the group will island-hop east, with possible camping spots including Thief Island, Black Island, Hog Island and Crow Island. Along the way there will be lots of opportunities to observe seals and other wildlife; Muscongus Bay is especially well-known as a great place to view birds of all sorts. One of the islands we may explore, Hog Island, is home to a large Audubon Sanctuary with great trails that we’ll take time to explore. When: Three-day trip starting 7/3, 7/14, 7/31, 8/25 or 8/28. Private trips are also available upon request.