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Maine Historical Society’s signature exhibition CODE RED

CODE RED combines natural history collections, Indigenous science, art, and activism. The exhibition, which premiered March 17, is a call to action and an exercise in hope as Maine and the world faces a changing climate.

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This event has passed.
Maine Historical Society
489 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101 United States
About the Event
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Maine Historical Society
(207) 774-1822
March 17, 2023 through December 30, 2023

Discover how natural history informs past, present, and future through collections old and new. Learn how important the environment is to Maine’s identity and way of life. Supported by scientists and cultural specialists from communities across Maine, CODE RED focuses on how museums collect, and the role of humans in creating changes in society, climate, and biodiversity. The exhibition is based on the United Nation’s report Code Red for Humanity. That 2021 report demonstrates how human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean, and land, causing widespread, extreme, and rapid changes.

Maine Historical Society’s exhibition reunites selected PSNH collections with historic objects, photographs, and contemporary artworks to open dialogues about how humans can impact climate and biodiversity. CODE RED also explores Indigenous Science, Western scientific methods, Maine’s pivotal role in the modern environmental movement, and actions visitors can take to be part of this positive legacy.