RIB WTOUR; Photo courtesy of New England Eco Adventures

Kennebunkport Scenic Adventure

No other Maine boat ride packs this much excitement into one hour while ensuring a premium view for everyone. Our experienced captains navigate swiftly along the waves, providing unobstructed views of Maine’s dramatic scenery and iconic lookouts.

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About the Event
Presented by
New England Eco Adventures
July 10, 2024 through September 29, 2024

Enjoy the first-class experience where everyone gets a front-row seat. The one hour Kennebunkport Scenic Adventure brings you all of the Kennebunkport coastline in just one exhilarating hour!

Leave the crowds behind and lean into the wind. We’re going wave-riding on premium RIB boats, where every single seat will enjoy a dazzling 360-degree view of iconic lighthouses, remote rocky islands, and thriving sea life.

No other Maine boat ride can pack this much pulse-pounding excitement into one hour and promise everyone a premium view!

Our experienced captains put our premium RIB boats into high gear and head for the most dramatic scenery and iconic lookouts. See Maine beaches the way seabirds do—swiftly skimming along the waves and spray in comfort and safety, with nothing obstructing your view.

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