Intro Weekend Workshop - Photo Credit: Portland Paddle

Intro Weekend Workshop

Our Intro to Sea Kayaking Weekend Workshop is designed for anyone who is new to sea kayaking or has very limited experience. We’ll cover everything we typically cover in our two-part Intro to Sea Kayak courses, as well as in our Intro to Sea Kayak Rescues course. The additional time provided by the two-day weekend workshop will allow us to go a bit deeper into the fundamentals than we usually do with the stand-alone courses.

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Portland Paddle
East End Beach, 1 Cutter Street
Portland, ME 04101 United States
About the Event
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Portland Paddle
(207) 370-9730
July 1, 2024 through August 31, 2024

-Proper technique for the essential paddling strokes
-How to identify the major risks and hazards kayakers face in coastal environments
-The primary features of a sea kayak that make it seaworthy
-How to predict and assess the conditions for coastal kayaking in Maine (tides, winds, waves, fog, etc.)
-How to make a crossing over open water on the Maine coast
-How to cope with winds and waves
-How to complete a “wet exit” when a kayak capsizes
-How to complete a self-rescue and an assisted rescue
-How to use a rudder or skeg
-Techniques that can be used to maintain boat control and move efficiently.
-How to stabilize yourself using bracing technique
-The key considerations when selecting a kayak and paddling gear