Galactic Tick Day

Our planet Earth, along with the rest of the solar system travels around the galactic center of Milkyway galaxy every 225 million Earth years. One centi-arcsecond of the rotation is called a galactic tick. A galactic tick happens every 633.7 days or 1761 years. Galactic Tick Day is set aside to acknowledge our sun’s motion, our progress around the home galaxy, and to celebrate humanity’s knowledge of this motion! 11:00 A.M. Journey to a Billion Stars, 12:00 P.M. Hubble Vision 2, 1:00 Time Space

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Southworth Planetarium
96 Falmouth Street
Portland, Maine 04103 United States
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Southworth Planetarium
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September 9, 2023

Tickets are $8 per show per $15 for all three!