Cumberland Fair, Photo Credits: Serena Folding

Cumberland Fair

Welcome to the 151st Annual Cumberland County Fair! This year the fair is the week of September 24 – September 30. Admission is $12 for 13 and older, kids 12 and under free!

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Cumberland Fairgrounds
197 Blanchard Road
Cumberland, ME 04021 United States
About the Event
September 24, 2024 through September 30, 2024
All Day Event

Head to the Cumberland Fair website for the daily event schedule!

Ride Bracelet days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Bracelets are $25. Purchasing a ride bracelet is SEPARATE from admission fee.

We do NOT rent wheelchairs or scooters. There are a limited number of wheelchairs available for use at the Main Office, go to the Bruce Hill Rd ticket booth (Gate 5), pay admission and come to the office. The person using the wheelchair will pay regular admission.

School Busses are directed to Gate 8 for unloading and parking. ONLY those chaperones who are on the bus will be admitted free. Any chaperone in a personal vehicle will be required to pay admission at the Bruce Hill Rd ticket booth. (Gate 5) Students over the age of 12 will be charged regular daily admission. See above for information on pre-arranged group discounts.

Gates open by 8:00 AM, Buildings are open at 9:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM. Some outdoor events may continue later in the evening, which includes the midway rides.

No pets allowed – service animals only