Couple on dock with bracelet. Photo Provided by Brown Goldsmiths

Bubbles & Baubles: CAD Design

Come to our Bubbles & Baubles and learn about CAD Design, or Computer-Aided Design while sipping some bubbles!

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Brown Goldsmiths
11 Mechanic St.
Freeport, ME 04032 United States
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Brown Goldsmiths
September 20, 2024

Enjoy a sneak peek into the work and craftsmanship of our jewelers. On this Friday, enjoy a glass of champagne with Serena. Our CAD designer is also a wiz at sketching! She will show you, first hand, how your vision can be put on paper. She will walk us through the “Computer-Aided Design” process in creating jewelry. If you haven’t seen how it works, it’s a must!