Birds on Tap Roadtrip - Photo Credit: Freeport Wild Bird Supply

Birds on Tap Roadtrip

The Birds on Tap series is a unique combination of birding and beer, perfectly blending nature exploration and craft beer tasting. The day unfolds with an exploration of Maine’s seasonal birding hotspots, showcasing the region’s natural beauty and is followed by a visit to select Portland breweries.

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Maine United States
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May 19, 2024

May in Maine signals our true arrival of spring – it means warmer days, blossoming apple and cherry trees, and warbler migration.

The warmer, brighter days also usher in the desire for fresh, light flavors. On tap, breweries will be featuring their unique springtime releases. We’re talking about those light and crisp hefeweizens, wheat ales, and tangy sour beers.

From birds to breweries, Maine is ready to come alive for summer, making May the perfect month to launch our first Birds on Tap Tour of the 2024 season.

Warbler migration will hit two of Maine’s most famous springtime migrant traps, Portland’s Evergreen Cemetery and nearby Capisic Pond Park.

Other species, such as sparrows, raptors, orioles and tanagers are also on the move, increasing the likelihood of seeing a diversity of species.

After about 3 hours of birding, we will be transported to two of Portland’s notable local craft breweries to sample their offerings and learn more about their individual styles and flavors.

What’s Included in the cost of Birds on Tap:
Private Guiding Experience with Derek Lovitch
Local Beer Guide/Expert
Brewery Samples
Light Snack + Bottled Water