Team Headshots; Photo Credit: Will Wohler
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Traveling Headshot Photographs

Check out Wohler & Co and you can book professional headshots to be taken at your business or meetings!

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Valid Jan 1, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024
About the Deal & How to Redeem

Every on-site Headshot session is customized to the needs of the organization! We create a custom quote to ensure you get what you need.

What’s included:
Hassle free process to set up and book station for company events or meetings
Photographer handles all the communication with participants from registration through digital delivery
Participants receive a private gallery to make their selection.
Consistent look to all the images elevating your team’s presence on and offline.
Ask about Onboarding headshot program for local businesses to keep that consistent look with new employees

See more samples and schedule a call for a custom quote can be found here:

Corporate Headshots