Bali Current piece. Photo Credit: Ogunquit Glassworks
Weave. Photo Credit: Ogunquit Glassworks
Coral Bowl. Photo Credit: Ogunquit Glassworks
Jellies. Photo Credit: Ogunquit Glassworks
Art Piece. Photo Provided by Ogunquit Glassworks

Ogunquit Glassworks

Fused glass handmade in Ogunquit, ME, inspired by the ocean and its amazing wonders.

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About Us

After taking a fused glass class a week before COVID hit, Suzie Nobile was immediately addicted to the transparent solid water medium that is art glass. Learning from masters at intensive workshops in America and Europe (post-COVID), book study, on-line videos, and trial and error, she learned how glass lives and breathes – What thickness glass wants to be (6mm), what ramp rate, temperature, and hold times to process glass through the various brittle and ductile firing zones. Since then she has been exploring the multitude of different techniques used in creating art glass pieces: strip construction, weaving, frit layering, drop-outs, frit stretching, slumping, tacking, full fusing, vitrigraph Murrini, etc.

Being a worldwide scuba diver and underwater photographer, she draws from elements of the images she captures. Lush jewel-tone coral gardens, interactions, and observations with the amazing aquatic creatures continue to be an inspiration.

For commission work requests, contact her at or on Instagram.