Tourism Counts in Maine

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Tourism Counts

Tourism is Big Business in Maine

Tourism supports nearly 110,000 jobs in Maine and roughly 16 percent of employment in the state and greater than the populations of Portland and Augusta combined. More than $2.6 billion household income is generated through jobs supported by tourism.

An estimated 5.4 million visitors come to the Greater Portland region. Greater Portland visitor spending reached $682 Million and generated over $67 Million in tax revenues supporting 11,500 jobs.

Economic Impact
begins when a visitor spends money in an area. The benefits to the local economy go beyond the basic impact of these dollars spent – these dollars create a chain effect. The effects of these expenditures are evident as the direct recipients of these expenditures in turn pay wages, earn income, and pay taxes. Further these direct recipients spend their income and thereby create more impact.

Tourism Counts
 for more than just an economic impact – it creates a lifestyle for locals to enjoy. The Greater Portland region has hundreds of restaurants, a vibrant arts scene, events, and activities that thrive on the tourism season. Portland has been a destination on the rise making this small city into a gem for visitors and locals to play, shop, and dine year-round.