Knack factory Summer Videos

Knack factory Summer Videos

Summer Promotional Videos

Regional content created to promote our area towns

To kick off the summer season, we partnered with local media company Knack Factory to shoot a video series in late August and early September. These videos will be promoted on social media and our destination website encouraging visitation across our area towns in Greater Portland.

The videos have all been shot and are have been released on our YouTube channel. A coordinated marketing push will be executed in the through the year and will be promoted through paid advertising in the Spring of 2023.

Couple backs to camera looking at Portland Head Light, Photo Credit: Knack Factory

The goal of this campaign was to showcase some highlights amongst our area towns: South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Gorham, and Freeport. It is no secret that Portland is an amazing hub city and it’s important to encourage visitors to move around the region to explore more of what the state of Maine has to offer.

We shot at 6 partner locations, including: attractions, landmarks, tours, restaurants, and hotels. To engage with as many people as possible, we worked with different types of people, from all backgrounds, like couples (both older and younger) and a family with young children. We wanted to show how Portland is a destination for everyone to enjoy, and represent visitors from all walks of life.

These four videos are going to be rolled out through a targeted digital marketing push. We are very excited to showcase these videos and put a spotlight on our area towns.

New Video Series

South Portland / Cape elizabeth




List of Participating Partners

Lighthouse Bikes

Join us for a guided tour, pedicab ride, or explore the region at your own pace with a worksman bike rental.

Bite Into Maine

Nationally recognized and specializing in traditional and unique lobster rolls that will tempt your taste buds.

Higgins Beach Inn

Book a leisurely vacation on one of the finest beaches in Maine at our beautifully renovated historic Inn.

Junction Bowl

Junction Bowl is an entertainment hub in Gorham ,Maine with 12 ten-pin bowling and arcade.

Seacoast Tours of Freeport

Take a scenic trip aboard the vessel, Pamela B., with Seacoast Tours of Freeport in South Freeport.

Harraseeket Inn

Luxury country Inn with two award-winning restaurants, located two blocks north of L.L. Bean in the village of Freeport.

Want to be involved next time?

If you’re interested in partnering with us on a future promotional video or press initiative, let us know. You can shoot us an email at and tell us what you would be interested in working with us on in the future. It helps us get to know your priorities and objectives.

Production Company

Knack Factory. Photo Credit: Serena Folding

Knack Factory is a media company located in Portland, Maine, specializing in commercial video and content production. They have worked with numerous brands to help tell their stories, from local, small businesses, to non-profits, to products.