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GRUFF! An Epic Eco-Musical

GRUFF! An Epic Fairytale Eco-Musical Concept and Text by Ora Fruchter and Stoph Scheer. Music By Toby Singer Produced with special permission from IPEX Theatrical Artists.

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This event has passed.
Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine
250 Thompson's Point Road
Portland, Maine 04102 United States
About the Event
Presented by
Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine
(207) 828-1234
April 15, 2023 through May 14, 2023

In a not-so-distant future on a place once known as Earth, the goats are about to run out of food in the toxic wasteland they call home. Gruff, a young goat, along with her siblings Griff and Clancy, set out on a mission to find a flower that they’ve never seen before. Gruff discovers the hidden and magical Troll Valley, the only place left on Earth where natural plant growth is treasured. Can trolls and goats overcome their differences and work together to save the planet?

April 15 – May 14, 2023

Location Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine’s Maddy’s Theatre

Age Recommendation Ideal For Ages 5-10 & Their Families

Tickets | $15.

Members receive 10% off.

Directed by Emily M. Dixon, Musical Direction by Jen Segal, Live Accompaniment by Jack Zweben, Art by Charlie Hindall