Nina Jerome; Sparrow Island Edge and Reflection; Oil on canvas- 40 x 30 in.

ALONG THE EDGE by Nina Jerome

Come to Moss Galleries in Falmouth to see the new exhibition ALONG THE EDGE by Nina Jerome.

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Moss Galleries
251 Route 1
Falmouth, ME 04105 United States
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Moss Galleries
(207) 781-2620
May 24, 2024 through July 20, 2024

The abandoned remains of the Nineteenth Century granite industry in Maine, quarry structures are reminiscent of monuments in scale and permanence. Scarred land surrounded by randomly scattered granite fragments, create a memory and leave a history of industrial activity. Their vertical faces reflect light and shadow, and contrast with the fluid movement of water, that often fills pits with flickering light and reflections of nature growing erratically in shallow rocky clefts along the perimeter. Quarries are resilient, overgrown environments that impart a feeling of secret or intimate sanctuaries. These qualities have fueled my artistic practice for the past four years.

I also enjoy walking or paddling along Maine shorelines, whose arrangements share these characteristics with quarries and provide their own monument to geologic history. I am drawn to the edges between solid and fluid, volume and surface, stillness and movement, weight and light, vertical and horizontal as well as to the transitions and complex relationships between these elements.

Nina Jerome, 2024