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Mandated Travel Requirements

On June 8, Governor Mills announced an alternative to the State’s 14-day quarantine for people entering Maine. In order to allow everyone to enjoy a safe and healthy summer in Maine the following steps need to take place.

Maine has three options for visitors from other states:

1) getting a recent negative COVID-19 test

2) maintaining compliance with a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine

3) being exempted if you are from the following states with a similar or better COVID-19 experience than Maine. Those states are: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey (effective July 3) and New Hampshire and Vermont (effective June 26). Learn more.

Once arriving at your lodging facility you will be asked to sign a “Certificate of Compliance” indicating either that you have received a negative COVID-19 test result or you have already quarantined in Maine for 14 days. (The lodging facility will not be asking to view test results, however, visitors may be asked by officials to furnish proof of the negative test result upon request)




In addition, in order to keep everyone safe – several areas within the state will offer visitors and residents “symptom checking stations” to ensure that everyone traveling about the state remain healthy.

We aim to make this the safest place to visit for your summer vacation!
Our numbers have been low, working together we can keep them that way and everyone can have a safe Maine summer.

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