Couple Walking Outside. Photo Provided by Peruvian Link

Peruvian Link

Peruvian Link offers the finest quality apparel, accessories, and homemade decor with Alpaca’s luxurious softness, warmth, and durability in every item.

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43 Exchange St
Portland, ME 04101

P. (207) 805-1572

About Us

Our story begins in my native Peru, where Alpaca products were a part of my life from childhood. As far back as second grade, I can remember my mother buying me pretty handmade gloves, carefully knitted by ladies from Cuzco, the ancient Incan Capital city. We found them on the streets of Lima, my home city. They spread their gloves on blankets spread out on the street. In order to make a living, those ladies had boarded a bus for a rugged 14 hour trip to Lima to sell the products of their hard labor. Because of their efforts, my brother and I could enjoy those products as schoolchildren in the city and grow up wearing Alpaca every day!

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