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Our website is designed to help job seekers to research employers by viewing employer profiles on the site. Included in each profile is a link to the employer’s website and career page. Job seekers are encouraged to check out current job postings on an employer’s career page and to apply directly.

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We recommend you mention that you found the job posting through when you apply so the employer is aware that you are open to discussing the possible reimbursement of your vacation through our program.

Each employer profile is also set up to allow job seekers to send their resume and cover letter directly from our website via email. This method ensures that employers know you have applied through and therefore understand that you would be interested in knowing whether you would be eligible for vacation reimbursement.

Employers may or may not have policies in place that limit the amount they will reimburse you, and may require receipts. LiveandWorkinMaine LLC, or its affiliates, shall not be held liable for any disputes related to vacation reimbursements under this program.

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Vacation Reimbursement Program Rules

Many Maine employers know that in order to stay competitive in a global economy, they often need to recruit talent from outside the state of Maine. In these cases, attracting talent to relocate to Maine can require assistance with relocation and related costs. At, member employers have committed to paying for all or part of your vacation (if necessary) to encourage you to move to Maine.