Jars of Seaseed Salsa, Photo Courtesy of Heritage Seaweed

Heritage Seaweed

At our specialty boutique in downtown Portland, you’ll find local seaweed-based food items, bath & body products and cookbooks. Plus a thoughtfully curated selection of Maine-made gifts.

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61 India Street
Portland, ME

P. (207) 613-9744

About Us

Why seaweed? Seaweeds like dulse are as “Maine” as lobster, oysters and blueberries. Plus, they’ve got 10X more minerals than vegetables. And they’re where fish get all their omega oils. What else? Umami-packed flavor enhancer. Skincare secret ingredient. Sustainability superhero crop.

Experience this important part of Maine’s ocean heritage

And learn why seaweed is the future of our ocean economy, as lobstermen and others are starting kelp farms all along our rocky coast.