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Official Tourism Site of Greater Portland Maine
Unscripted Maine Video SeriesVisit Portland
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Unscripted Maine Video Series

A breath of fresh air, a bite of something unexpected, and adventure | Visit Portland Maine

Anchored by our historic role as a port, the Greater Portland, Maine region attracts a diverse community of performers, producers, and culinary artists. These community members are inspired by the beauty of their surroundings and a shared sense of responsibility to support their home and create unique experiences for travelers from across the globe.


Casco Bay Sunset, Screen Capture from GLP Films

After a career of guiding kayakers from Baja to coastal Maine, Zack Anchors is on a mission to connect visitors and locals alike to wonders of Casco Bay. Portland is one of the best places to pick-up a paddle and explore hidden harbors, civil war-era forts, and plenty of easy-to-reach islands. His hope is that they, like him, fall in love with kayaking and begin to feel a sense of ownership of the waters that hug their shoreline.


Hauling Lobster Traps, Screen Capture from GLP Films

Maine's lobstermen are practically national treasures, but have you ever met one? Pete’s been in the business since he was five years old. Like many Maine lobstermen, his story might explain how this local staple has captured the hearts of seafood lovers everywhere. It’s evident in every lobster he dishes from his pot to yours.


Farm Birds-Eye View, Screen Capture from GLP Films

Meet the hard-workers behind this sustainable coastal farm of Wolfe’s Neck Center in Freeport, Maine. With hands-on experiences and food tastings at the Farm Café, the staff is committed to growing and raising agricultural products in a way that’s healthy for the planet and to share that knowledge with visitors who pass through their doors.


Burundi Drummers Performance, Screen Capture from GLP Films

Portland local Yves Karubu leads a traditional and dynamic Burundi drum team. They often perform at concerts, festivals, and ceremonies across the region. Originally from Burundi, Yves has lived in Portland for over five years and his goal is to preserve this important African cultural tradition in his new community. He does it for himself, his fellow Burundi countrymen, and the vibrant and multicultural urban center that’s now become his.


Japanese Cuisine, Screen Capture from GLP Films

"Portland is the best," say the co-owners behind the local culinary gem. The bountiful blue ocean beyond each restaurant’s back door is just one reason why. Dig into the world-spanning culinary landscape of Greater Portland in this video and allow local chefs to introduce you to their secret ingredient.


From rocky coast to sandy shores there is no shortage of green space to explore or parks to picnic in in Maine. Day trip to the Maine Midcoast or the Maine Lakes and Mountains for a diverse mix of outdoor activities from hiking and mountain biking to fly fishing and paddleboarding.

Check out their video series with GLP Films for a real life look at the people who have chosen to build a business, create a life, and support other like-minded individuals in this truly unique corner of the world.

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