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Winners of the 2017 G.E.M. Award

Exceptional hospitality is the cornerstone of our visitor's experience and why they choose to come back or not.

These two nominated employees received recognition with a "GEM" lapel pin and be featured on our Facebook & LinkedIn pages, and both received the coveted G.E.M. AWARD in front of fellow peers at the 35th Annual Meeting "Destination Rising".

Tom Macisso, The Nonantum Resort

Tom Macisso, The Nonantum Resort
One evening our Activities co-director Tom heard a mom yell "Help!" from across the lawn at the pool.

Tom ran over and saw her six year-old son blue and unconscious, and immediately started administering CPR. Tom knew what to do in that moment, and we are extremely grateful that he was there. And relieved to hear that the boy is okay. If you see Tom down by our Activities tent, please tell him thank you for helping to keep our guests safe.

"This just reinforces the fact that we all need to be prepared," said our Innkeeper Jean Ginn-Marvin.

The Nonantum has been hosting CPR and AED trainings for our team. And we're willing to bet the next one will be very well attended.

Sandy Trend, L.L.Bean

Sandy Trend, L.L.Bean

I'm from Maine and was visiting my mom who lives in So. Portland. We were shopping at L.L.Bean in Freeport and I decided to get two lobster pops to bring back home for my daughters. Well, I must have left the bag in the store and didn't realize it until we got back to Portland. So I'm back in Virginia now and got a package in the mail from L.L.Bean. I didn't order anything so I wondered if someone got me a birthday gift. Well, I opened the package and found the lollipops inside. I never called the store to ask them to look for them as it seemed trivial, but someone found them.

The L.L.Bean employee went the extra mile and looked up my info from the receipt, prepared a package, and shipped them to me. I was surprised at such kindness and effort. Life is all about the little things and it really made my day, so I thought I would share it on Facebook to let everyone know how great I think L.L.Bean is and especially the people who run it.  Thank you (SANDY) #18082!! You went above and beyond! I am very grateful!!

Nominated by: Brenda Baker - Alexandria, VA

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