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Hospitality/Tourism and Education Gap Research Project

Dear Hospitality and Tourism Member,

You have been identified as a prospective participant in this research because you may be in the position to hire prospective employees in a hospitality or tourism business. It is believed that there is a shortage of qualified workers in this industry and this survey may help us all better understand the needs of hospitality and tourism employers and learn what types of education and training would help fill the gap. It is being conducted by Mimi Gough at Kaplan University-Maine and the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Portland. We ask that you read this form and ask any questions you may have before agreeing to be in the research. You may contact Mimi Gough at 207-221-8722 or

Your participation in this research is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your current or future relations with Kaplan University or the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Portland. If you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time without affecting that relationship.

The purpose of this research is to broaden the understanding of the needs of hospitality and tourism employers in Maine. During a forum in April 2016, hospitality employers shared information regarding a shortage of qualified employees and educators shared various educational offerings. The conclusion drawn from this event was that further understanding of the needs of hospitality and tourism employers was needed in order to fill this gap.

This research is intended to inquire about the various positions in the industry and the type of training that would help prepare prospective employees. The types of questions asked will pertain to the types of positions and jobs that are most difficult to fill, the types of people the industry would like to have trained for these positions and the benefits available to new hires.

If you agree to be in this research, I would ask you to do the following things: read each and every question in this survey, which includes multiple choice and comments. The questions are directed at your experiences at your property or business, based on trying to fill open positions that are often difficult to fill or find qualified workers. You can skip any questions you do not want to answer and still remain in the study. You are asked to complete as many of the questions that you feel comfortable answering. You will be supplied with 10 questions to answer and it may take approximately 10 minutes to complete. There are approximately 450 members of the hospitality and tourism industry who are members of the CVB who will be supplied with the survey which will be open for 30 days from the time it is first distributed.

The research does not entail any risks, discomforts and/or inconveniences, as this survey is completely voluntary. While there are no direct benefits initially to employers completing this form, it is expected that the information gathered and analyzed could be used to help hospitality, tourism and education entities in Maine identify populations that would be interested in training with the potential to be hired as qualified workers in this leading Maine industry.

No information about you, or provided by you during the research, will be disclosed to others without your written permission. When the results of the research are published or discussed in conferences, no information will be included that would reveal your identity. All results and findings will be reported in aggregate.

If you feel you have not been treated according to the descriptions in this form, or you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, you may contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Kaplan University through the following representative: Dr. Susan Pettine, IRB Chair, Email:

Please keep a copy for your records. By clicking on the link below and then clicking yes to the informed consent and entering the survey, you agree that you have read this information and give consent to participate in the study.


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