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Official Tourism Site of Greater Portland Maine
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Tourism Assessment Survey

With tourism being Maine's #1 industry it's important to gauge how well we are doing (or not doing). DMO's across the country are re-evaluating the strength of their destination.Visit Portland has been watching this trend and believe it would benefit our region to explore current strengths and challenges through a formal independent assessment.

The "DestinationNEXT" Tourism Assessment Survey is a web-based tool that measures twenty variables related to our region's strength, including community support and engagement.

The overall goal of DestinationNEXT is to help us become "trailblazers,"to increase community engagement as well as build our destination in the globally competitive tourism industry. This will be done by identifying strengths, priorities, areas for potential improvement, and strategies for future growth.

As a local leader, your feedback is critical and we need you to participate in this important assessment that will help shape visitors to your community moving forward.

The Greater Portland regional results were presented on June 8, 2018 at University of Southern Maine's Abromson Center. The results will give us all a concrete direction regarding our future providing us an advantage over our New England competitors.


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Lynn Tillotson  |  President & CEO
Visit Portland  |  Greater Portland's Tourism Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)
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