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Top 10 Coziest Cities in America

The virtues of city life are largely in the eye of the beholder. Some may have moved to a city because that’s where they work. Or perhaps they moved because of watching "Sex And The City” at an impressionable age. Others just like to be in stumbling distance to their favorite dive bar.

But the folks over at Honeywell Heaters have identified a new reason to consider one city over another: Coziness.

In their list of the 10 coziest cities, the brand partnered with the environmental consulting company Environmental Health & Engineering, who looked at data relating to accessibility to parks, restaurants and coffee shops, stressful lifestyle scores and more aesthetic concerns such as the area’s historical ambiance. (It also serves to note that researchers also considered usage rates of fireplaces and portable heaters.)

So, are you living in a hub of coziness? Or are you doomed to live a life chilled to the bone, with nary a coffee shop in walking distance? Unseating Massachusetts’s for this year’s top cities list is Portland, Maine cozying up to the #1 spot.

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